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Teams are advised to go through all the questions available in the FAQ section, especially the general questions. 

          All the non-Indian teams are advised to apply for the Visas well in advance so that you get it on time. In recent years it has been seen that a lot of teams are facing rover shipment related issues. In most of the cases, it is lack of documents submitted by the teams which result in the delay of the rover shipment. To ensure that such issues do not arise always double-check the list of documents required with your shipping company.

General Questions

No, but we will provide you with a list of hotels available near the campus for your reference.

Chennai experiences a tropical wet and dry climate during the month of January. Daily high temperatures are around 28°C, rarely falling below 26°C or exceeding 30°C.

Carry a sunscreen (preferably SPF 50+) to prevent sunburn of any kind.

All the team members of their respective teams are advised to wear completely enclosing footwear. Long pants are also recommended

Hats and Sunglasses of a wide brim are also recommended since they are a good accessory to protect yourself from the scorching heat.

We also recommend you to use mosquito repellents. It can be easily purchased in the campus stores and the general stores nearby.

Lastly, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water facilities will be arranged for the teams at both, the test site and the competition site. Ensure that you carry a completely filled water bottle while you are testing the rover or while performing the tasks in the competition site.

Chettinad Health City is at a distance of 11km, that is 20 minutes away from the college campus. Whereas there is a 24hrs operational health centre inside the college campus in case of any emergency. Safety is the primary concern at IRC.

We advise you to keep a watchful eye and have a sense of awareness. Teams are also informed that no pets are allowed at the competition site.



Nearest Airport

Chennai International Airport


Nearest Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station,

Tambaram Railway Station




Nearest Bus Station

Central Bus Depot,

 Vandalur Bus Stop




General Questions

All the teams are requested to report at the IRC reception inside college campus by 11 a.m. IST on 16th January, 2020. The opening ceremony will be held on the very same day.

Yes, we will provide an invitation letter to the concerned teams. Teams are advised to apply for E-Visas.

No, teams are required to handle the shipment of their rover completely on their own. 

Space will be provided to the teams to keep their rover inside the campus but IRC organizing team won’t be responsible incase any damage occurs to the rover.

Yes, all the teams have to provide their itinerary details through e-mail before December 24, 2019.

IRC 2020 closing ceremony will take place on January 20 at 6 p.m. It is mandatory for all the teams to attend it.

Technical Questions

The Rover should turn within distance of 1 meter from the
arrow and not before that.

No, there will be no separate start line for both
stages of the autonomous task. At the end of the first
stage, the GPS coordinates for the first arrow will be given.
Therefore, the rover should directly start the second stage
after completing the first stage.

Yes, Scouting is allowed by only using the rover
(tele-operation) before the start of the autonomous task.
After the autonomous task has begun, no further scouting
will be allowed.

All the frequency bands which are in the unlicensed
category as per the Indian Standards can be used.
However, it is advised to use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for less

The dimensions of the arrow will be same as it is
given in the rulebook. The triangle in the arrow will be an
equilateral triangle and each side will be of 20cm. The arrow will be black in colour.

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