These are the final official rankings for Internation Planetary Aerial Systems Challenge 2021 :

RankTeam NameScore
1Team Legendary608.26
2DJS Antariksh560.51
3Team Technocrats550.34
5RGIT’s Pegasus526.45
6Inferno DTU520.32
8Team Interplanetar513.41
9KUET Durbar510.91
10Atom Robotics503.02
11Team Tardis501.10
12Team Garuda-Drishti496.72
13Arcelia Aerospace486.92
15Project Manas450.84
16Bracu Kilo Flight450.12
17Team Aviators International446.17
18Team Vision9428.22
19Team Ekyam422.56
23Team Cipher303.10

In addition to this, Team Vision9 and Team Interplanetar both won Innovation Awards for their power generation system and gas compression system, respectively.

We’re proud to announce another competition for budding engineers and space enthusiasts around the world.

The International Planetary Aerial Systems (IPAS) Challenge is a competition for university students which challenges to design Mars Aerial System (Vehicle) which shall be fully equipped and mission ready for Operation on Mars. Teams are supposed to carefully plan each subsystem of the Aerial System considering various extra-terrestrial parameters in design (Exceptions if any shall be mentioned). This competition is designed for students to explore their mind and spark the innovative design thinking of Individuals without putting any constraints on available physical resources. Students are encouraged to be as imaginative, creative and insightful as possible within practical implementable limits for the human race.

Competition Dates

Rulebook Launch : March 6, 2021 

Registration : March 10 – 20, 2021

Prize Pool – 51,000 INR

If you have any queries related to rules and guidelines feel free to contact at

You can also find the FAQs here.

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