MSSA Announces International Mars Hackathon 2020

MSSA Announces International Mars Hackathon 2020

International Mars Hackathon challenges teams from diverse disciplines to come up with insightful solutions to mind-boggling Space Exploration problems! The 48hr competition requires students to think on their feet and devise creative approaches in several thematic areas.

1. Mars Rover Troubleshooting and Maintenance
2. Agriculture on Mars
3. Space Administration and Management

Comprehensive details of each challenge will be released on the day of the Hackathon (31st October, 12am IST). It will be an online event and teams will be given 48 hours to pitch in the ideas and provide solutions to the explicitly stated problems and situations. The problem statements will include opportunities for several sub-domains i.e. Mechanical, Electronics, Software, Bio-science and Management to explore their creative niche!

Registrations of upto 35 teams

Hackathon Dates : October 31 – November 1, 2020

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